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Prado Museum. Hall of Realms



The Hall of Realms is a noble structure and one of the very few that have survived from the former Palacio del Buen Retiro of the seventeenth century.  It has been the subject of changes and expansion, gathering many layers of history over the centuries.
The interventions will bring fresh life to the magnificent interiors from the past as well as adding new state-of-the-art galleries and public spaces.  The proposal goes back four centuries to re-discover the original three storey southern façade.  This becomes the backdrop for a spectacular new space within the building.  The existing outer walls have been delicately opened up to bring light and views in from the new civic plaza.
The transformed Hall of Realms will be permeable, offering a new public route through the building with terrace cafes on the north side.
Working within the outline of the original building envelope a new roof will harvest energy from integrated solar cells, give natural light to the galleries below and cantilever as a shade to protect the southern façade. It also heralds the rebirth of this historic monument.

Technical details

  1. Schedule Year: 2017
  2. End Year: –
  3. Architecture: Foster + Partners and Rubio Arquitectura
  4. Promoter: Prado Museum
  5. Structure: Hugo Corres
  6. Instalation: Urculo Ingenieros
  7. Infographies: Foster + Partners
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