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Santiago de Compostela Intermodal Station



The new Transportation Hub for Santiago de Compostela must fulfill a functional program and a series of conditions which do not make any difference with others of similar features, but that at the same time faces certain responsibilities that provide the project a special singularity: the dynamism and mobility that implies the region of Galicia; the possibility of becoming an opportunity to create new connections for the city in the area that had produced remarkable disparities due to the interruption created by the railway system for years; and the necessity to develop its role as a city gate and fi rst view of the city for a noticeable amount of visitors which would arrive Santiago by train once the High-Speed and the intermodality will be defi nitely settled. Connecting neighbourhoods of expanding zones where the route of the train has left isolated specially areas at the South is the big challenge. Two main criteria have been defined: One urban, related to the project as a whole, other architectural, regarding the building of the station and its approaches. Our proposal consists of a building that functions as a bridge to which private transportation means access from the “Platform for Mobility”, whereas pedestrians, users of public transportation networks and cyclists access from the “Station Square”. This Station building overlooks the stunning views over the natural environment of the city from the “Urban Balcony” which resolves naturally the pedestrian connection from the “Station Square” to the “Square of Clara Campoamor”.


Technical details
  1. End Year: 2011
  2. Architecture: Carlos Rubio Carvajal, Enrique Álvarez-Sala Walther, Juan Herreros, Rubio & Álvarez-Sala.
  3. Promoter: ADIF.
  4. Structure: BOMA.
  5. Instalation: Urculo Ingenieros.
  6. Models: Queipo.
  7. Infographies: Poliedro Estudio.
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